Adult Formation

Adult Formation is based on the idea that education does not end when we leave school.
Rather as our lives progress and we make life choices our need for education and formation
continues and even increases in intensity.  This is true both in our secular lives and
in our lives as Christians.  And it even continues just because we are aging:  from young adults,
to newly marrieds, parents, grand-parents and Elders in the Community.
In some respects everything we do at St. Mary’s contributes to the ongoing process of Christian
Formation:  from Worship, to Fellowship, to Service in Church and in the World.  But the Adult
Formation Committee serves as the focal point where St. Mary’s can explore both the
needs for education and formation at St. Mary’s and what resources are available to meet those
needs.  The committee works to bring together those resources and needs based on St. Mary’s own resources, the Diocese of Chicago, the Episcopal Church in the U.S. and around the world and in our local community and in nearby communities, both religious and secular.
This past year we held an Adult Formation Forum that featured seven homilies based on the theme of Anglican Spirituality.  The series included topics on Liturgy, Saints, the Physical Body, St. Mary’s Windows, Centering Prayer and Being Easter People.  In addition, printed materials, an icon of St. Francis, a seminar on Chair Yoga, a brochure with pictures of the windows, a Lenten Series
on Centering Prayer and a Taco Lunch/Easter Celebration were presented.
The Adult Formation Committee will be meeting over the summer to make plans for Adult Formation in the coming year.  Ideas already circulating include an outside speaker on prayer, exploring the topic of Bio-Spirituality and a seminar on how things get done at St. Mary’s.


More information: Rev. Fran Holliday

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