Church Leadership

An Episcopal Church is managed by a team of church elected church members, called The Vestry, and the Rector. 

Church Vestry

The Vestry and Wardens of St. Mary's, together with the Rector, provide leadership and oversight of the church’s vision, mission and ministry. Members of the Vestry are elected at the Annual Meeting in January or by appointment if there are vacancies throughout the year.

The Vestry of an Episcopal Church has three primary responsibilities, all undertaken with spiritual leadership:

  • Managerial - take care of the parish finances
  • Property - take care of the parish buildings
  • Fill the Vestry Positions - choose individuals to fill various positions of parish leadership and representation: the election of a rector, the choice of delegates to the diocesan convention, the selection of other individuals as the diocesan canons and parish bylaws may stipulate
Current Leaders:

Mike Higgins - Co-Warden

Doug Murphy - Co-Warden

Cate Williams - Treasurer


Vestry Members:

Peter Carroll

Stacy Cook

Gail Head

Dorothy Nyberg

Bill Wayne

Andrew Wild

For more information regarding Vestry Leadership please contact the church office, 815-459-1009.


Stewardship Ministry

The purpose of this groups is three-fold:

  • To educate the parish throughout the year on the good practice of Christian stewardship of our time, talent and treasure
  • To provide educational seminars and printed material to parishioners
  • To serve as a resource for questions about the practice of stewardship. 

This committee is also responsible for the annual pledge drive held in the fall. 


Other Church Leaders:

Men's Bible Study:

Peter Carroll

Women's Bible Study:

Catherine Carroll

Meet Your Ministry Leaders  

Chair Yoga:

Catherine Carroll

Crystal Lake Food Pantry

Cate Williams




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